This has been a delicious, and dark, few days in Texas Republican politics.


Photo by David Goldman/AP

Texas Republicans – did you get that this is about Republicans in Texas?—proposed a tax increase. Democrats said no way. As we said on Twitter, the 2020 ad writes itself. Even the arch-conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation tweeted out hope that “your paycheck [now must] go up by 5% or more each year for the next 2 years” to pay for the tax increase.

The other potential ad is obvious, too: the GOP failing to lower property taxes and reform school finance, as they have promised. They derailed their own effort  – and while there’s more time on the clock to get it done – governing remains a challenge for conservatives. 

While all of that was happening, the bonkers wing of the Republican Party was coming after – in truly troubling ways — its own politicians. Some pro-gun nutbag advocating constitutional carry went to Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s house in Angleton – when his wife and two kids were home. (Bonnen was in Austin.)

In a separate incident, law enforcement raised security concerns for Rep. Jeff Leach of Plano. The concerns came after Leach said was he opposing a bill that would subject women to the death penalty for having an abortion.  

On the campaign side, we learned GOP financier Tim Dunn is hosting a fundraiser for Mike Pence, who is returning to Texas for the second time in two weeks. Trump was just here, on Wednesday, to raise $6 million for his re-election campaign. This sure seems like a lot of swings through Texas for a Republican White House. That’s what happens when you become a swing state.

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